Tournament Dungeon Handbook

Whether you’re running a tournament at a big convention like GenCon or pitting your friends against each other at home, Tournament Dungeon Handbook covers everything you need to know about designing, organizing, and running a competitive dungeon crawl.

Combining the author’s years of experience in creating tournament dungeons with time-tested principles of board and video game design, Tournament Dungeon Handbook demystifies the dungeon building process and gives you a formula for putting together tournament delves that are fun, dramatic, and memorable.

Estimated release date: Spring 2020



Learn about the moments people play tournament dungeons to experience and how to design monsters, traps, puzzles, and treasure that foster these moments.



Learn how to arrange a venue for your tournament, set up leaderboards, pick prizes, build pregame hype, and promote team spirit (or friendly rivalries).



Learn how to keep the pace of your tournament fast, the tension high, and the rulings fair while managing teams competing head-to-head across multiple tables.